Vera Axyonova, PhD

REWIRE Fellow (Postdoc)

Kolingasse 14-16 (Zi. 06.22), 1090 Wien

✆  +43-1-4277-48321

Web: Political Communication Research Group (POLCOM)

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➥  Expertenwissen in nationaler und internationaler Politik
➥  Politische Kommunikation
➥  Kritische Zugänge zu internationaler Sicherheit und Konfliktstudien
➥  Internationale Organisationen als normative und Sicherheitsakteure

Als Postdoc und Teil eines ViDSS Supervisory Teams lädt Vera Doktorand*innen ein, sich bei Interesse an einer Betreuung der Dissertation gerne (per Mail) zu melden.

  • Axyonova, V. (2024). Responding to crises in authoritarian environments: Russian think tanks between policy evaluation and state endorsement. Review of Policy Research. Advance online publication.
  • Kyselova, T., & Axyonova, V. (2024). Dialogue for peace: The production of knowledge and norms between international practices and local ownership in Ukraine. Peacebuilding. Advance online publication.
  • Axyonova, V., & Lozka, K. (2023). "We are at war": Reflections on positionality and research as negotiation in post-2022 Ukraine. Journal of International Relations and Development, 26, 711-721.
  • Axyonova, V. (2023). A journey to the 'self': From precarity as non-belonging to the search for common ground. In O. Burlyuk, & L. Rahbari (Eds.), Migrant academics' narratives of precarity and resilience in Europe (pp. 1-8). Cambridge: Open Book Publishers. Open access, available for download at
  • Axyonova, V. & Schöppner, F. (2018). Ukrainian think tanks in the post-Euromaidan period: Exploring the Field. In: Shapovalova, N. & Burlyuk, O. (Eds.), Civil society in post-Euromaidan Ukraine: From revolution to consolidation. Stuttgart: ibidem/Columbia University Press, pp. 215-240.
  • Burlyuk, O. & Axyonova, V. (2017). Protecting the rule of law in post-Soviet states: The relevance of European and Eurasian integration. In: Petrov, R. & Van Elsuwege, P. (Eds.), Post-Soviet constitutions and challenges of regional integration: Adapting to European and Eurasian integration projects. London: Routledge, pp. 28-47.