Advance Online Access (Mai 2023 | April 2023)

  • Axyonova, V. (2023). A journey to the 'self': From precarity as non-belonging to the search for common ground. In O. Burlyuk, & L. Rahbari (Eds.), Migrant academics' narratives of precarity and resilience in Europe (pp. 1-8). Cambridge: Open Book Publishers.
    Published online: 11/05/23
  • Mestas, M. (2023). The 'Werther Effect' of Goethe's Werther: Anecdotal evidence in historical news reports. Health Communication. Advance online publication.
    Published online: 11/05/23
  • Opgenhaffen, M., & Hendrickx, J. (2023). Social media news editors as journalists or marketeers: Who are they and how do they identify themselves? Journalism. Advance online publication.
    Published: 11/05/23
  • Mellado, C., Blanchett, N., Stępińska, A., Mothes, C., Lecheler, S., Blanco-Herrero, D., ... & Zhao, X. (2023). Does news platform matter? Comparing online journalistic role performance to newspaper, radio, and television. Digital Journalism. Advance online publication.
    Published online: 10/05/23
  • Thomas, M. F., Binder, A., & Matthes, J. (2023). The psychological influence of dating app matches: The more matches the merrier? New Media & Society. Advance online publication.
    Published online: 20/04/23

Erschienen in Printform (Juni 2023)

  • Binder, A., & Matthes, J. (2023). What can stop the "pester power"? A longitudinal study on the impact of children's audiovisual media consumption on media-motivated food purchase requests. Pediatric Obesity, 18(6), e13018.
    Published online: 15/03/23

Erschienen in Printform (Mai 2023)

  • Kobilke, L., Kulichkina, A., Baghumyan, A., & Pipal, C. (2023). Blaming it on NATO? Framing the role of NATO in the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine on Twitter. Frontiers in Political Science, 5, 1122439.
    Published online: 24/05/23

Erschienen in Printform (April 2023)

  • Banks, J.*, Koban, K.*, & Haggadone, B. A. (2023). Avoiding the abject and seeking the script: Perceived mind, morality, and trust in a persuasive social robot. ACM Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction, 12(3), 32.
    *shared first-authorship
    Published online: 14/04/23
  • Forrai, M., Koban, K., & Matthes, J. (2023). Short-sighted ghosts. Psychological antecedents and consequences of ghosting others within emerging adults' romantic relationships and friendships. Telematics and Informatics, 80, 101969.
    Published online: 23/03/23
  • Freiling, I., & Matthes, J. (2023). Correcting climate change misinformation on social media: Reciprocal relationships between correcting others, anger, and environmental activism. Computers in Human Behavior, 145, 107769.
    Published online: 01/04/23
  • Kaskeleviciute, R., & Matthes, J. (2023). A vicious cycle? Threat of terror, perceived media bias, and support for surveillance policies. Mass Communication and Society, 26(3), 463-485.
    Published online: 06/05/22
  • Stranzl, J., & Ruppel, C. (2023). Wertschätzung am Arbeitsplatz: Warum Wertschätzung im Unternehmenskontext wichtig ist und welche Rolle die interne Kommunikation dabei spielt. Kommunikationsmanager, 1, 44-46.
  • Stürmer, L., & Einwiller, S. (2023). Is this advertising or not, and do I care? Perceptions of and opinions regarding hybrid forms of content. Journal of Marketing Communications, 29(2), 161-178.
    Published online: 04/12/22