Since 2021, the Comms Policy Collaborative (CPC) has served the Department of Communication, by bringing together scholarship and curiosity-driven research with policy-making processes.

Led by Jennifer Adams and Krisztina Rozgonyi, the CPC facilitates collaboration between the research and policy communities by pooling expertise and resources, showcasing innovative research data and methodologies as key tools for filling policy gaps, and leading participatory processes for sharing and expanding community knowledge for innovation, research advancement, and the development of sustainable and data-driven policy frameworks.

Our Work

The CPC engagement model includes strategic partnerships to increase connectivity amongst local and international stakeholders. THE CPC's premiere partnership with the European Platform for Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) has seen the meaningful inclusion of Department research for sustainable and data-driven media regulation for EPRA's 56 regulatory authority members, specifically within the fields of:

➟  Youth Safety and Engagement Online
➟  VSP Regulation
➟  The Future of Content Regulation
➟  Dis/Misinformation
➟  Media and Information Literacy
➟  NRAs in the Digital Environment

For 2023, the thematic focus on AI has resulted in a series of events within the CPC partnership network on the utilization of AI – particularly large language models – in academia, as well as implications of new EU AI policies on research, and the effective and sustainable use of machine learning in both academic and regulatory contexts.

Work with us

The CPC mandate outlines engagement through a process of 'impact by design', which includes

  • Scoping/landscape mapping and identification of avenues for stakeholder engagement
  • Collaborative design of research projects and curriculum for policy impact
  • Project monitoring and evaluation of impact goals, and design of key indicators
  • Training and resource sharing/development for Department and external stakeholder communities

For more information on collaboration with the CPC, please contact jennifer.adams@univie.ac.at.