New Tenure Track Professorship in the field of Media Literacy


We are currently looking to fill the position of a Tenure Track Professorship at our Department.

Applicants should be internationally established and cover the dimensions, antecedents, processes and/or consequences of media literacy. The position is open for excellent candidates of various specializations informed by and/or focused on communication science and open to all epistemological and methodological approaches within the area of media literacy research.

The Tenure Track Professorship in the field of Media Literacy is initially limited to a period of six years. After positive evaluation of a qualification agreement, the contract becomes permanent as Associate Professor. Further, Associate Professors can be promoted to Full Professor through an internal competitive procedure.

The application deadline for this position is January 15, 2024. The job advertisement, necessary requirements and documents as well as our offer for this position can be found at the University of Vienna's recruiting platform.

For further questions and queries on this position please contact ✉