New research project: "DATADRIVEN"


Starting December 1, NORFACE funds the transnational three-year project DATADRIVEN.

Sanne Kruikemeier (University of Amsterdam, ASCoR) acts as PI for "Consequences of Data-Driven Campaigns for Democracy" (DATADRIVEN). The project is conducted by a consortium of four universities: The University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), the University of Vienna, the University of Sheffield (UK) as well as the University of Manchester (UK). The project team at our department is being led by Sophie Lecheler (as Co-PI) and Jörg Matthes, and also supported by two further predocs (Selina Noetzel & Sophie Minihold).

DATADRIVEN is financed through the NORFACE (New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Cooperation in Europe) network, though the local funding will be provided by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) as NORFACE partner. In total, the project will run for three years.

About: This is the age of Big Data. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, until we fall asleep at night, our actions are recorded on mobile phone apps, websites, customer loyalty cards, and through our social media interactions. This data is used to develop algorithms that are subsequently used by private and political organisations to predict our attitudes, feelings, and behavior. We study the impact of this change in both political and mediated communication. For example, in this project we study the intended and unintended consequences of data-driven election campaigns across Europe.

Image © Leedina Portraits