Press Release: ...and action! REBOOT at the Cannes Film Festival's Marche du Film


What are the possibilities to enhance the European Film Industry's competitiveness? What visions are necessary for a truly European film industry?

The research project REBOOT is addressing these questions by presenting its work and first findings at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival's Marche du Film. Jean-François Trubert from the University Cote d'Azur,  Katharine Sarikakis (University of Vienna), the coordinator of REBOOT, Evangelia Psychogiopoulou (ELIAMEP, Greece), and Antonios (Vlassis University of Liege Belgium) present collective insights on May 15 at 12:00 PM at The Viewpoint (Lérins).

Industry, public institutions and universities are meeting under the umbrella of REBOOT to discuss and engage in a dialogue with the presence of the advisory board of the project during the Film Festival in Cannes. Comprised of experts in Europe and an international advisory board featuring European Broadcasting Union, EuroCinema, Austrian Film Institute, International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity and members from the consortium of twelve entities led by the Univerisity of Vienna as Coordinator, together they will explore the changes and challenges that lie ahead for the industry in the coming years.

Shining a spotlight on the rich expertise and varied experiences of REBOOT's Advisory Board Members focusing on creativity, market trends, and opportunities, the discussions will revolve around defining the concept of "competitiveness" within the industry's context. This entails delving into key factors shaping competitiveness and crafting strategies for improvement. Moreover, the panel discussions will search into the roles of "gender" and "youth" in practice, policy, and strategic planning, aiming to examine their significance and integration within organizational frameworks.

Simultaneously, workshops during the meeting will foster synergy between three other European projects; REBOOT (Reviving, Boosting, Optimising, and Transforming European Film Industry), SCENE (Searchable multi-dimensional Data Lakes supporting Cognitive Film Production & Distribution for the Promotion of the EuropeaN Cultural HeritagE) and CRESCINE (Increasing the international competitiveness of the film industry in small European markets). These workshops will explore the growth and future opportunities for emerging screenwriters, tackle industry challenges amidst the era of AI, and examine the cultural richness within the European film sector. Stakeholders and partners, will be actively involved in engaging discussions aimed at fostering fruitful dialogue.

The consortium behind the REBOOT project started in February 2023 with support from the European Commission through the Horizon Europe program, and will convene in Cannes during the festival week from May 14-16, 2024.

The project Reviving, Boosting, Optimising, and Transforming European Film Industry aims to leverage the existing strengths of the European film landscape while strategically and tactically optimizing the potential held within European youth audiences. These audiences are viewed both as emerging viewers and as essential components of European citizenship. The REBOOT project unites partners from ten diverse countries across Europe, comprising a total of 40 participants in the consortium. With a budget of € 3.800.000, the consortium composed by twelve institutions such as the University of Vienna as coordinator, Universite De Liege, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy, Universidad Complutense De Madrid, Erasmus Universitesi, Universiteit Gent, Universidad Carlos III De Madrid, Scuola Superioredi Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamente S Anna, Universite Cote D'Azur Kadir Has Universitesi, Jyvaskylan Yliopisto, and Uniwersitytet Warszawsk is positioned to boost the European film landscape, harnessing diverse perspectives and expertise to ensure its success.

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