News from the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (FREuDe)


The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence has recently published a number of policy briefings, with a new book by Katharine Sarikakis now also available to the public.

The latest policy briefing by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence entitled Proactive and optimal protection of children's digital privacy as the cornerstone for European democracies emphasizes the significance of ensuring children's rights to digital privacy and identity protection in the European Union, while providing practical recommendations to create a secure online environment for young individuals.

Further, the book Ethical media governance. A handbook for the industry by Katharine Sarikakis (together with Vasili Vasilopoulos) was published under the umbrella of the Jean Monnet Centre, primarily focusing on guidelines for establishing ethics and quality standards, assurances of transparency and independence of media and journalists.

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