New research project: "Ethical Challenges in Communication Practice"


Since June 1, the Scientific Senate of the Public Relations Association Austria (PRVA) is funding a new research project, led by Sabine Einwiller.

"Ethical Challenges in Communication Practice: Blurring boundaries between Journalism, Advertising, and Public Relations" is the full title of the newly-acquired project which will be principally investigated by Sabine Einwiller in collaboration with Uta Rußmann (University of Applied Sciences, Vienna / FH Wien) and Jens Seiffert-Brockmann (Vienna University of Economics and Business). The project will run until March 2023.

About: Research and practice show that the boundaries between PR, advertising and journalism are blurring, leading to a number of ethical challenges. The project investigates how PR and media practitioners perceive the blurring boundaries and what ethical challenges and conflicts of interest arise as a result. Based on the findings from 45 interviews, a training program will be developed to sensitize PR practitioners to the ethical challenges and prepare them to deal with them.

Ethical Challenges in Communication Practice: Blurring boundaries between Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations

PI: Sabine Einwiller
Duration: 2021-2023
Collaboration: Uta RußmannJens Seiffert-Brockmann
Web: Corporate Communication Research Group (CCOM) • Public Relations Association Austria (PRVA)

Image © Sabine Einwiller