Launch of the Comms Policy Collaborative (CPC) at our department


We have recently established the Comms Policy Collaborative as a policy-oriented dissemination service unit.

Krisztina Rozgonyi, who is currently postdoctoral researcher at our department, and Jennifer Adams, a specialist in program development, policy research and advocacy for feminist and inclusive governance, will be the main contacts and reference persons for the CPC. 

The CPC aims to bring together scholarship and curiosity-driven research with policy-making processes, as part of the University's Third Mission commitments, and will serve as an 'innovation hub' for students, both in terms of skill-development and talent identification.

As a venue for discourse and innovation, the CPC will specialize in policy development and processes related to political- and health communication, journalism, media innovation and change, countering hate speech and disinformation, and media inequalities, most especially related to intersectional participation, representation and advocacy. In providing a direct path from research idea to policy-making, the goal of the CPC is the removal of obstacles for socially relevant and inclusive policy-making, and increasing connectivity amongst stakeholders, increasing stakeholder involvement and, ultimately, policy sustainability.

The CPC will be accessible to students already enrolled in the department, as well as students affiliated with Vienna-based international universities, providing a meeting point not just for policy-making stakeholders, but also for students from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of interests and skills.

Krisztina Rozgonyi, who has extensive experience in policy-making and regulation, will be responsible for connecting research and policy discourses, developing policy leads, outreach and grant development.

Jennifer Adams, a specialist in programme development, policy research and advocacy for feminist and inclusive governance, will lead advocacy and incubation initiatives, recruit for policy innovation, and oversee grant development and management.

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