Krisztina Rozgonyi new Senior Scientist at Austrian Academy of Sciences / AAU Klagenfurt


Furthermore, she will continue to develop and establish the Comms Policy Collaborative (CPC) at our department.

Krisztina, who has been a postdoc at the University of Vienna since 2015, was recently appointed as Senior Scientist at the Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) and the University of Klagenfurt (AAU). She also stays within our department and continues as postdoctoral researcher, primarily developing the agenda of the Comms Policy Collaborative (CPC), established in 2021 by her and Jennifer Adams. The aim of the CPC is to serve as an innovation hub and link the research being conducted at our department with policy-making processes, always in line and as part of the University of Vienna's Third Mission commitments.

If you are interested in CPC's activities, agenda and research foci, please check our website for more details.

Image © Krisztina Rozgonyi