Invitation: Virtual Research Talk by Gregory Perreault


On June 7 at 11:30am, Gregory Perreault will give a talk on "Gamification" research.

This semester, Gregory Perreault is Fulbright-Botstiber Visiting Professor of Austrian-American Studies at our department. He is Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication, Appalachian State University, USA. His teaching and research specialties are Journalism and New Technology, Religion & Media, and Games Studies.

His research talk entitled "Gaming" Journalism: Digital journalism playing the field will be held as online presentation on June 7, starting at 11:30am via Zoom.

About: Gamification has been of keen interest in journalism, particularly given its successes in other professions. Yet gamification harkens less discussed realities in journalism: reporting results far afield from expectations and strain on journalists untrained in the new technologies. In this discussion, journalism’s attempt to expand their digital transformation into a “gamified” transformation appears less reflective of institutional change and more as an ongoing commitment to the audience. Furthermore, the features successful in gaming (e.g. loot boxes, interactivity, social media engagement) often prove more troubling in journalistic application.

Gregory Perreault's talk is also open for the public. If you are interested in joining, please send an eMail to Mario Freyer ( He will send you an invitation link shortly before the talk(s) will start. Due to technical restrictions and in case of very high (external) interest, we might have to limit the session to a maximum of 100 participants.

Image © Gregory Perreault