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  1. Communication science is a social science featuring a diversity of methods.

  2. Taking communication as both a research topic and teaching subject, and adopting an integrative approach, it utilises theories and methods drawn from sociology, psychology, political science, business and economics, history, philosophy and law. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach is therefore second nature to us.

  3. In our research and teaching work, we form part of a high-quality networked international scientific community. Our research is driven by the main criteria excellence and international visibility.

  4. Our key research areas are communication and media, set in the context of society as a whole.

  5. Our overriding goal is to provide our students with an excellent academic introduction to communication, opening up to them as broad a range of professions in the world of communication as possible.

  6. We regard ourselves as part of a University that provides the social, economic and political conditions needed for autonomous thought, for which we bear intellectual responsibility, guaranteeing scope for fundamental criticism.

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