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Hyunjin Song, PhD
Universitätsassistent (Post-Doc)

Rathausstraße 19/1/9, 1010 Wien
Zi. 1/10

T: +43-1-4277-499 22

eMail: hyunjin.song@univie.ac.at

Computational Communication Science Lab

Hyunjin (Jin) Song is a post-doc University Assistant at the Department of Communication, affiliated in Dr. Hajo Boomgaarden's team (division text analysis). His research interests include the nature and antecedents of interpersonal political discussions and its influence, social and psychological mechanisms of mediated / unmediated message processing and its impact on perception, attitudes, and behaviors. His research also includes statistical modeling and inferences of social network data (ERGM / RSiena) and regression-based linear conditional process models. He received his Ph.D degree from The Ohio State University (dissertation title: "A dynamic longitudinal examination of social networks and political behavior: The moderating effect of cohesive network structure and its implications for social influence processes").

Research Interests

    • social network analysis
    • statistical inference in cross-sectional and longitudinal social networks
    • linear conditional process and structural equation modeling
    • multilevel analysis

    Curriculum Vitae

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