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Publikationen und Vorträge


Einwiller, S., Ruppel, C., & Schnauber, A. (2016). Harmonization and differences in CSR reporting of US and German companies. Analyzing the role of global reporting standards and country-of-origin. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 21(2), 230-245.

Einwiller, S., & Ruppel, C. (2015). Corporate brand: Experimental research. In T. C. Melewar & S. F. Syed Alwi (Eds.), Corporate branding: Areas, arenas and approaches (pp. 208-229). Routledge.


Ruppel, C., & Einwiller, S. (2016). Do identified and disidentified consumers feel differently compared to non-identified consumers, and hence act differently toward corporate misconduct? Presented at the Association for Consumer Research Conference 2016, Oct 27-30, Berlin, Germany.

Einwiller, S., Ruppel, C., Laufer, D., & Garrett, T. (2016). Who shall speak in a crisis? The role of spokesperson nationality. Presented at the International Public Relations Research Conference, 4-8 March, Miami, Florida.

Ruppel, C., Einwiller, S., & Haryanto, E. (2013). Beware of attacks on consumer-company identification. Paper presented at the 2nd International CSR Communication Conference, September 18-20, Aarhus, Denmark.

Ruppel, C., & Einwiller S. (2011). Trust in financial investments: Who or what really counts. Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 39, 899.

Einwiller, S., & Ruppel, C. (2011). Trust in financial investments. Paper presented at the 16th International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications (CMC), April 27-29, Athens, Greece.

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