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Ass.-Prof. Dr. Florian Arendt
Tenure-Track Professorship
Health Communication

Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien
Zi. 7.22

T: +43-1-4277-493 23

eMail: florian.arendt@univie.ac.at

Tenure-Track-Professorship Health Communication

Tenure-Track-Professorship Health CommunicationTenure-Track-Professorship Health Communication

Consultation: based up prior agreement (e-mail)

Research Area: Health Communication

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Florian Arendt (Ph.D., University of Vienna) is a communication scientist working in the field of health communication. In general, his research addresses the role of the media in the health domain. His research operates at the intersection of communication/social science and medicine/public health. Behind the background that health communication scholarship is characterized by research in many different disciplines (e.g., communication, medicine, public health, and psychology), Florian mainly uses theory and methodology from communication science to contribute to these interdisciplinary research efforts. He has published 50+ articles, most of them in journals in communication science (e.g., Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Health Communication, Journal of Health Communication) and medicine/public health journals (e.g., British Medical Journal, Crisis, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Social Science & Medicine).   

Florian's research focuses on a broad range of health issues such as suicide prevention, smoking cessation, cancer prevention, vaccination, depression, and sexually transmitted diseases. His research efforts can be broadly categorized into six domains: (1) Optimization of public health campaign messages, (2) global health disparities and digital health divide, (3) quality of health-related news, (4) stereotyping and health myths, (5) health-related consequences of new digital media technologies, and (6) historical perspective on health communication. In addition, Florian’s research aims to advance general communication theory (e.g., media-related selection, media stereotyping) and methodology (e.g., dose-response methodology, implicit measures in communication).

Florian Arendt (*1984) received his Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Vienna in 2013. Afterwards, he held the position as an "Akademischer Rat" (postdoctoral researcher) at the Department of Communication Studies and Media Research, University of Munich (LMU). Since autumn 2018, Florian holds the tenure-track-professorship of health communication at the Department of Communication, University of Vienna.

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