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Working Abroad

An Erasmus-Internship is an internship sponsored by the OEAD. This internship can be served at any company, research institution or organisation of any kind (no institution of the European Union) within the European Union. Such internships are not arranged by the University of Vienna or the OEAD! Therefore we unfortunately cannot provide an internship for Incoming-Students. 

If you are a regular student of the University of Vienna and got an internship (f.ex.: after your Erasmus-stay), you can apply for an subvention at the International Office. Applications for such subventions are possible at any point of time! More information can be founde here.

Currently our Department does not offer any internships.

Study-Relevancy and Recognition

The study-relevancy of your internship has to be confirmed in order to get an Erasmus+ subvention. Therefore please contact Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Lojka (office hour!) and produce a description of your internship.

We cannot confirm the necessity of the internship for your studies since Communication Studies includes no compulsory internship!
However, an entry in you Diploma Supplement can be requested at the StudieServiceUnit A. Therefore the trainiship has to be recorded in your record of examinations. Be sure to add all available documents (Learning Agreement, trainee-report etc) - copies are valid, please do not hand in the original documents.
A recognition of ECTS credits for any work done at your internship is not possibe.

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