Researching Abroad

A stay abroad on Doctoral level with Erasmus+ is possible and follows the same guidelines as a stay at Bachelor- or Master- level. Therefore, if you are interestest please stick to the information in our Outgoing- or Incoming-section


Learning Agreement

The most significant differences on Doctoral Level have to do with the Learning Agreement, even if the form is the same at the University of Vienna. In order to gain the needed ECTS in most cases students will agree on a research goal for their thesis instead of visiting courses at the host university (the same procedure as is possible for a Masters-thesis). In this case the required ECTS will be gained by the efford of your research. In most cases an addiotional superviser at your host-university has to be arranged to monitor your progress and help you out with problems and questions. This supervisor has to be arranged by the students independently! 

  • In both cases we suggest to start your search in time. Finding an supervisor might take some time. 

Outgoing-Students best do this in consultation with their supervisor(s) here in Vienna. An existing supervisor is mandatory to do reseach during an Erasmus-semester. Also the title of your thesis has to be submitted at this point of time. 

Incoming-Students can find information about our professors reasearch topics here. Please get in touch with any possible supervior by yourselve. Please contact the Mobility Coordinator in charge in case you do not succeed to find a solution.

The University of Vienna cannot award ECTS for research on an unfinished thesis. This is a matter of the University Study Act. The research itself can be included to the Learning Agreement and can be acknowledged by your University to cover the ECTS. Please check with your University how the recognition works in detail and whether or not you might need to take courses to cover the requested ECTS. 

Responsibly for signing your Learning Agreement at our Department is the Study Programme Director as well as your supervisor (latter only if there is work done on the thesis for ECTS during the stay.)

Outgoing students from the University of Vienna must submit their finished thesis at the University of Vienna in order to complete their studies!


Responsibly for signing your Learning Agreement at our Department is our Mobility Coordinator

Taking Courses

Additional/as alternativ to your Research, you can of course visit courses during your stay abroad. Best talk this over with your supervisor.

Outgoing students do not need to participte in courses at the host university to gain their ECTS (except your supervisor asks you to do so). If your host university should insist on your participation in certain courses (f.ex.: privatissimum), this is obligate.

Incoming Students can feel free to choose courses from our Master and PhD Programmes. Those are:

  • Master Programme Communication Science
  • Doctoral Studies (DoS40) - Dissertation Subject Area: Journalism and Communication (DoS22)