Mag. Dr. Jana Laura Egelhofer, Bakk.

Researcher (Postdoc)

Kolingasse 14-16 (R. 06.66), 1090 Vienna

T: +43-1-4277-48323

Web: Political Communication Research Group

Consultation: Based upon prior agreement

➥  Fake News
➥  Disinformation
➥  (Political) media criticism
➥  Media perceptions

Jana Laura Egelhofer is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Communication of the University of Vienna. She works in the Political Communication Research Group, chaired by Prof. Dr. Sophie Lecheler. Her main research topics include fake news, media criticism by politicians, and media perceptions.

In her Ph.D. project, Jana Laura Egelhofer investigated how the 'fake news' term has been instrumentalized by politicians in order to discredit critical news outlets, how this and other incidents of media criticism are an attempt to delegitimize news media and how these verbal attacks affect citizens' media perceptions. Jana Laura Egelhofer teaches two courses in the Bachelor Communication Science: Quantitative Data Collection and Statistical Data Analysis. Before starting her Ph.D., Jana Laura Egelhofer completed the Master in Communication Science (with distinction) at the University of Vienna.