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New Research Projects at our Department!

Our department recently acquired three new research projects, funded by the The Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy.

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy is funding three new research projects. The projects 'Sparkling Games' (Project Leaders: Fares Kayali, Gerit Götzenbrucker), 'FacePolitics' (Jörg Matthes) and 'Young Adults' Political Experience Sampling (YAPES)' (Jörg Matthes) are running between 18 (YAPES) and 24 (FacePolitics, Sparkling Games) months.

Vice-Dean Gerit Götzenbrucker will lead the Sparkling Games project, which is designed as a cooperation with the Institute for Design & Assessment of Technology (Project Leader: DI Dr. Fares Kayali) of the TU Vienna and the Viennese schools Schulschiff Bertha von Suttner, HTBLVA Spengergasse and BFI Margareten.

Together with secondary school students the project will investigate how concepts from the field of game-based learning can be used to develop learning methods and materials to the topic informatics and society. Starting with a detailed analysis of existing learning and mainstream commercial games students will iteratively conceptualize and develop games and game-like materials to support teaching about topics including copyright and intellectual property, privacy, surveillance, social media, and big data.

The project FacePolitics: Social Media and Participatory Politics for Adolescents cooperates with the Institute of Communication and Media Studies (icmb) of the University of Bern, the Department of Communication, University of Münster, Sapere Aude and the Austrian schools BORG Deutschlandsberg and BORG Perg. Jörg Matthes and Desirée Schmuck lead FacePolitics, Raffael Heiss is employed as a project researcher.

With respect to the future of modern democracy it is important to answer the question of how young citizens can be reached by politics. Studies show that social networks such as Facebook may contribute to the political participation behavior of young adults. This research project examines how young citizens perceive political social media content. Furthermore, the project conducts an extensive content analysis of political social media content in Austria.

Finally, Young Adults' Political Experience Sampling (YAPES) is a project based on FacePolitics. The project team (Jörg Matthes, Raffael Heiss, Desirée Schmuck) and the cooperation partners are identical, with the added expertise of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

YAPES investigates how adolescents experience politics in their everyday lives by applying an innovative and new method in political communication research: Citizen Science.

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