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Citizen Science Workshop

Interdisciplinary workshop with Professor Heidi Ballard (UC Davis) at our department

Professor Heidi Ballard from the University of California/Davis will be a guest at our department on the 10th and 11th of December. On December 11 she will give a keynote speech at an interdisciplinary 'Citizen Science' Workshop and will discuss the challenges and perspectives of Citizen Science.

Citizen science is a process in which normal citizens become fully involved in research tasks, usually aiming at generating huge amount of data. Citizens may be involved in data collection, measurement, or even data analysis. A popular example is the project "Galaxy Zoo", initiated by the University of Oxford and the Johns Hopkins University, in which hundreds of thousands of volunteers participate in classifying galaxies.

While citizen science has become a common approach in the natural sciences, the inclusion of volunteers in social science is yet a rare phenomenon. However, in times of big data and a declining willingness of people to participate in surveys and other conventional social science methods, citizen science may lead a new way to data generation.

In addition to the workshop, Professor Heidi Ballard will give a talk titled "Citizen Science as a Tool for Scientific Research: Strategies for Expanding and Deepening Public Participation" at the Research Colloquium of our department. All those interested are warmly invited to attend the talk.

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