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Masters Final Examination / Magisterprüfung

For 2nd examiner approval please complete the form (either in English or German, not both)

and send it via eMail (PDF is sufficient) to Mario Lick. He will give you further notification when the form is signed and approved. Please check out the deadlines for the upcoming Winter and Summer terms.

The guidelines below form the basis of the oral examination.

General Information on the Masters final Examination (Guidelines)

You can choose one of the following two subjects:

  • Communication Research
  • Communication Methods and Theories

Each subject of examination is divided into four/five subject areas with various sub-themes.

The examination can be taken in English or in German after prior agreement.

Final Exam Procedure

Step 1: Choose ONE subject area and a sub-theme from your selected subject area.

Step 2: Choose five pieces of literature: one of which has to be a non-edited book and not more than one piece must be from the same volume.

Step 3: Write an exposé of 4 pages (double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pts) outlining the main arguments of your chosen literature.

In particular, your exposé should include:

  • main arguments made in the specific field of study

  • brief discussion of contradictions, disagreements, and points of convergence in research

  • discussion of how this area of research is socially relevant today

  • gaps in the literature (what is missing?)

Step 4: Email your exposé to Mario Lick two weeks before your final examination takes place, at the latest.

Step 5: Bring a copy of your exposé to your final examination.

Here you can find the reading list.

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