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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Katharine Sarikakis
Stellv. Studienprogrammleiterin Doktorat Sozialwissenschaften

Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien
Zi. 7.20

T: +43-1-4277-493 94
M: +43-664-60277-49394

eMail: katharine.sarikakis@univie.ac.at

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Twitter: @grrlsrock

Curriculum Vitae


The Media Governance and Industries Research Group


  • Media Governance and Organisation: Audiovisual media and digital platforms. Emerging governance and structural issues (privacy in social media; copyright and culture making).

  • European media and cultural policies and European integration: cultural diversity, social cohesion, human mobility and citizenship and the governance of established and emerging media and cultural spaces.

  • International Communication: structures, organisation and political dimensions of international/global media. The Global City as the space of global media governance.

  • Gender and feminist epistemology in communication and cultural policy and international communications. The governance of social order through the governance of communicative spaces and processes.

Teaching Summer Semester 2015

Professor Sarikakis is offering the following MA courses this semester for which there are places available:

FOSE 220048
S-words: Current Issues on Gender and the Media Industries

This seminar will focus on Gender and the Media Industries. We will explore the role of gender in social media as well as traditionsla nd digital media in terms of production, use and control of the media. We are lookign at critical issues such as

  • a. sexting: what does it mean to express one's seuality through self produced media (blogs, SMS)
  • b. selfies: what is the trend saying about society's needs for expression and documentation?
  • c. surveillance: are we all subject to control and surveillance not only by the State but also by each other?
  • d. social sorting: are social media and the media industry increasingly 'profiling' users according to their tastes and choices?
  • e. storytelling: what is the role of women and men in fandom in producing stories for the House of Cards of the Game of Thrones for example?

How are women and men experiencing these changes in the media? What is their status and role in contemorary media industries in terms of stereotypes, traditional and contested roles, control over the media and over each other?

We will utilise film screenings, museum visits and other material from everyday culture.

Assessment: project and final report

MASE 220023

This MASE aims to support you in developing your research project in the areas of media industry, media governance, media organisation. Topics may include gender and communication, journalism practice and work, freedom of expression, public service media, user-generated content, privacy, copyright, search engines and regulation, sex and the media, digital content, European crisis, identity and the media, global media governance, youth and peer to peer exchange etc.

Language of instruction is English. Research proposals (KONZEPT) can be written in English or German.


Professor Sarikakis welcomes requests to serve as 2nd examiner for the Magisterprüfung. A meeting with prospective graduates will be held before acceptance is confirmed. For detailed information in English / German please visit Masters Final Examination / Magisterprüfung.


Professor Sariakis is Vice-Director of Doctorate Programmes of the Faculty of Social Sciences. For more information in English/German please see here or visit http://doktorat.univie.ac.at.

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